About KATSUMI Shouten

Dear Customer

Thank you for coming to seeing my website.
My name is Katsumi Kudo.
I opened the GOLD-FISH shop, named Katsumi Shouten (reservation system),
in Sumida Ward, Tokyo. (since Aplil 12, 2007)
Though the history of my shop looks so "young",
I have sold the goldfish by mail-order at "BIDDERS", for 5 years or more, with ID "fairlady-sp310".
During the period, I had been a nomal company employee for 21 years,
though I have not stop offering goldfish for customers at "BIDDERS".
I have been wishing more people will love goldfish.
Finally, I left my company on 31 March 2007. Opened Katsumi Shouten,
the goldfish's specialty store, April 12 in this year.

My sales performance is now 2326 in this five years.
History that can be confirmed from evaluation. When dealings only of live-arrived-mail
are included, it is 3000 sales performances or more. )
Excellent is 2291, Good is 28, and Bad is 7, until April 29 2007.
¦ About "BIDDERS": used to be the only web site that could sell live goldfish, in Japan.

Of course, I know you are interested in goldfish.
But have you ever felt that the goldfish shop or goldfish's web site satisfies your desire?

The goldfish inside your knowledge
Such as Ranchu, Oranda, Moor, Ryukin, Wakin, Tosakin„„„many Japanese traditional goldfish,
and REAL Chinese goldfish.
These have abundant shape and beautiful colors„„„ brilliant!
Have you ever watched such traditional and beautiful goldfish at only "One" shop or "One" website?
I worry that you may be disappointed if you had visited any Japanese pet shops or other goldfish's shops.

I am goldfish's specialist.
Most Japanese and Chinese traditional goldfish are always in stock.
You can buy them.
When you access Katsumi Shouten's website, you can confirm new arrival goldfish on the internet.
These goldfish will be delivered to your hand by the mail order.

If you come to the Katsumi Shouten, please make reservations by E-mail, before more than 1 week.

First of all, please enjoy lot of pictures of a beautiful goldfish and you can order the goldfish from them.
(Include unpublished goldfish's image)

I wish you to be more loving goldfish!

Katsumi Kudo
270-0101@125-2Higashifukai Nagareyama CHIBA, Japan

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